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AIT Training Developments Limited is a leading motor industry training consultancy that has worked with formal qualifications in the automotive industry for many years. In 2006 AIT was appointed by the Institute of the Motor Industry to author and create the Automotive Management qualifications to set national standards recognition for aspiring and established motor industry managers.

Our business is founded on our belief in, and commitment to, the people in the automotive industry. The magnificent showrooms and workshops that represent the motor manufacturers’ brands around the UK will only ever be as successful as the levels of professional management and operational skills that are engaged in the daily operation of each site.

Similarly, an independent workshop or vehicle sales operation can grow and be highly successful when professional skills and knowledge are learned and applied. 

The role of AIT Training Developments Limited is to provide the knowledge and skills that underpin good management practise and create the strength of professional, profitable business. 

The automotive industries responsible involvement in the preservation of our environment is important to us; consequently we have  recently added to our portfolio the essential qualifications required by technicians to ensure the safe and correct handling of refrigerant gases. This we have done with convenience in mind delivering the qualification service on our clients premises assisting in maximising  efficient use of productive time

We believe that a good manager or specialist operator should have the recognition for their knowledge, skills and abilities, hence our decision to offer career influencing qualifications that are recognised nationally across the UK automotive industry.


AIT Training Developments Limited was formed in 1992 based on extensive experience with motor retail, and major manufacturers in the automotive industry. In 2018 the company adjusted its direction to focus solely on formal qualifications to assist professional people to achieve their career objectives and to contribute to business improvement and development across the industry.  

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